Capital Vessel (CV) Tiers

In-Engine Ship Classes

  • Class 1 = less than 50 devices
  • Class 2 = between 50 and 250 devices
  • Class 3 = between 250 and 500 devices
  • Class 4 = between 500 and 1000 devices
  • Class 5 = between 1000 and 1500 devices
  • Class 6 = more than 1500 devices (default)

I wonder if we should consider our tech-classes to be based on some fraction of the amount resources used. I need to think about this a bit more.

Brainstorm Ship Tech

The idea is to have a StarCraft II Style A or B tech tree decision for each Capital Vessel. Each Class of Vessel will have a set of attributes, some of which may be available on other CV class types.

  • Subspace Communication Array – Allows communications on the SBS subspace network without an Orbital Communication Array.
  • Landing Struts – Allows the CV to land. (C1 / C2 Only)
  • Weapon Hardpoint – Allows installation of 1 extra weapon hardpoint to base CV class (Could be a nice either or option for later tiers)
  • Erestrium-Infused EPS Manifolds – Allows the use of energy-based weapons
  • Improved Fuel Tanks – Allows usage of fuel tanks one tier higher than base CV class (not a high end talent)
  • Redundant Munitions – Allows double the base CV amount of ammo boxes to be added
  • Emergency Fuel Reserves – Allows storage of up to 25% of installed fuel tanks in onboard cargo boxes.

Capital Vessel (CV) Tiers

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